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Important Tips And Emergency Car Supplies For Winter Weather

Keeping weather-related driving tips in mind combined with emergency car supplies for winter in your car could save a life – including your own. According to the Federal Road Weather Management Program, over 70% of our nation’s roads are in snowy regions and 24% of weather-related car accidents occur on snowy, icy, or slushy roads. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe this winter by implementing these safety tips.

Important Winter Driving Tips

Here are 11 top tips to keep your car safe and under control this winter.

1. Slow Down

This may seem obvious, but one of the most effective ways to avoid an accident on wintry roads is to slow down. It could save you from being a victim of one of the estimated 120,000 crashes a year due to winter weather.

Increase the space behind other vehicles to ensure you have enough time to stop, don’t drive beside a truck, and use extra caution around snowplows. Also, never use cruise control on snow and ice.

2. Use Bright Markers On Stalled Vehicles

If your car gets stopped or stalled, stay with the car and use bright markers on windows and antennas. This is also included in our emergency car supplies for winter below. During the day, use a bright-colored cloth. At night, keep your dome light on.

Only run your car to keep warm sporadically to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and ensure the exhaust pipe is free of snow. On that same note, never start your car in an enclosed area.

3. Check Your Tires

Tire inflation pressure drops with the temperature so ensure each tire is inflated per the vehicle’s recommended pressure and has plenty of treads. Don’t forget your spare tire.

4. Avoid Heavy Coats For Children In Car Seats

It’s better to dress your child in thin layers for the safest car seat fit and then add blankets and warm layers over the harness.

5. Check Your Batteries

Battery power drops when the temperature does, so it’s best to have a mechanic check them along with belts and charging systems.

6. Know How To Use Antilock Brakes

If your car has this safety technology, make sure you know how to properly use them with firm consistent pressure. If you don’t have this and feel your brakes lock, pump the brakes.

7. Invest In Winter Floor Mats

Thicker, rubbery mats secured with retention clips are the safest way to prevent interference with the brake pedal and accelerator.

8. Check Windshield Wipers

Ensure your wiper fluid reservoir is full. Consider getting heavy-duty winter wipers and ensure defrosters and blades work.

9. Check Your Cooling System

You can visit a mechanic for this or ensure the coolant matches the manufacturer’s recommendation. Check for leaks, replace the old coolant, and test the coolant.

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10. Gas Up

It’s important to always have at least a half tank of fuel in your car, but better still, to keep it close to full.

11. Check Your Route

Always check your route before traveling and if the weather is too bad, stay indoors. It’s also a good idea to inform friends or families of your route and let them know when you arrive safely.

Emergency Car Supplies

These 5 levels of emergency car supplies for winter will help keep you safe in case of bad weather or even an accident.

1. Snow Shovel, Ice Scraper, And Broom

These items will ensure you can use your car even when piled under snow.

2. Abrasive Material

Sand or kitty litter is good to have to create tire traction if your car gets stuck in the snow.

3. Flashlights, Warning Devices, And Jumper Cables

Warning devices include emergency markers and flares.

4. Blankets

If a real emergency occurs, you will want to keep warm with blankets versus running your car and draining the gas or battery.

5. Cell Phone Charger, Extra Medicine, Food, And Water

These items may seem like overkill, but if you are in a real emergency, they can be lifesaving. It’s always a good idea to have extra water on hand, and nonperishable food will keep the best.

What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down This Winter

If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, the first step is to call your towing service and/or the local police to ensure your safety. Afterward, though, you may be stuck without a secondary vehicle and with a large urgent expense.

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Don’t Let Winter Ruin Your Year – Be Prepared This Season

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