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Delaware Day Trips: Your Guide for What to Do and See in One Day

There were over 9.2 million visitors to the state of Delaware in the year 2018 alone. The revenue from tourism accounted for more than $3.5 billion of the state's total GDP. Meanwhile, consumers continue to enjoy the area because of its amazing attractions and family-friendly entertainment options. Still, affording all the fun of Delaware day trips isn't always easy.

Regardless of how you travel or who comes along for the adventure, you never want to run out of money when you're on the road. So, either think about your budget a little bit more or venture out into the great unknown on faith. Either way, don't forget to check out these awesome ideas for families, couples, and people trying to save time and money.

Delaware Day Trips for Families

If you're out and about with your family, you probably need to make your money stretch. So, try giving your family something special like this:

1. A Ride on the Wilmington and Western Railroad

Your family will love taking a trip through scenic landscapes as they chug down an antique train track that has been in operation for over a century. Sit back, get snacks, and enjoy the ride.

2. A Tour of the Three Palms Zoo

Take your crew to see wild animals from far-off places in one of the country’s most exquisite natural reserves. See if you can spot the free-range peacock that roams the grounds.

3. A Thrill at Woodburn Mansion

According to local legends, this gorgeous property is filled with mid-century ghouls and goblins. It's a perfect place for certain times of the year, and it's open during the day too.

Delaware Day Trips for Couples

If you're out and about with your sweetheart, you probably don't want to spare any expense to make it special. So, try one of these ideas on for size:

1. The 4,000 Tulips of Dover Delaware

Can't find a bouquet that's big enough to illustrate your love? How does 4,000 colorful, blooming tulips sound? If you knew that the site was used in a few popular Hollywood movies, would that change your mind? Ask your partner how they feel about it.

Tulip field in Delaware

2. The Fairytale Town of Arden

You and your partner can visit this picturesque Delaware town to enjoy a delicious, artisan dinner inside or outside of whimsical architecture. There are also shops and local activities to enjoy, plus plenty of places to sit down for a snuggle.

3. The Pristine Pizzadilli Winery

Go out and taste some of the best wine and spirits in the area. Please your pallets with some refreshing beverages and perfectly paired snacks to find your next favorite bottle of vino. Then, go home and crack it open together as a couple.

Delaware Day Trips for Tight Budgets

If you're looking for fun but have a cash flow problem, you probably want to find things to do for free. So, check out these ideas before heading back home:

1. The White Clay Creek State Park

You can visit this amazing landscape whether you're a local or not, plus you don't need much money to enjoy the amenities for a day. By the way, this is a perfect place to snap some pictures for your social media.

2. The Mt. Cuba Center

This enchanting wildflower oasis provides a relaxing place for you to unwind and breathe in the fresh air. It also has lots of paths for some carefree strolls by yourself, with a partner, or as a family.

3. The Beaches of Fenwick Island

Look for Dewey or Rehoboth Beach for a sparsely populated place to soak up the sun. It features white sands and translucent waters, making it a perfect place for picky people on a budget.

What to Do in Case of Emergency While on Delaware Day Trips

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