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The Pros And Cons Of A Single Income Household

A single-income household structure is becoming increasingly common. However, it isn’t always easy to manage. Living as the sole provider has benefits and drawbacks, and awareness of these is hugely important.

Whether a household has one income earner or two, being aware of the potential of a single-income household is crucial. There’s no guarantee that a double income will always be the case, even in households with two or more working individuals. Considering the pros and cons of sole income can be necessary as part of effective contingency planning.

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The Strengths And The Struggles Of A Single-Income Household

Single-income households are on the rise. Around 40% of families do not have a dual income, although this can fluctuate from year to year. Nonetheless, knowing the main features could be hugely valuable.


Many automatically assume that living on a single income is hard, especially with a family. This is often true, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, having one source of money can be beneficial for households.

  • Easier to manage the household: Working the home becomes much easier when just one family member has an income. This frees up the non-working partner to look after the children and the house. However, this can be a stereotypical role, and many people are uncomfortable with it.
  • Cheaper to run: Managing a single-earnings household is often easier. However, many people overlook the cost savings! With the expense of childcare mounting, many people are considering leaving their jobs to handle the family instead.
  • More Flexible: Sometimes, things happen, and life changes. With this in mind, having a sole earning stream increases the family’s flexibility and chance of moving. In contrast, being split between two jobs or ties can hinder the family’s ability to push for better working or lifestyle opportunities.

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Although single-income structures can offer several benefits, they are not necessarily an “ideal” solution. This will vary depending on what the family wants. Some of the most common and notable drawbacks of single-income households include:

  • The sole worker must do more: In a dual-income house, the workers can each afford to do slightly less. But when just one person is earning the income, that individual will often have to work significantly more hours to keep money coming in. This can increase stress and burnout.
  • Less time with the family: Though one family member will get more time with their loved ones, the working partner usually has less time to spend with the family. This is often due to longer commutes or working more hours to make ends meet.
  • Cash can be tight: Unfortunately, it’s often hard for a single worker to make enough income to live comfortably. This can leave them with a significant shortfall in cash. And critically, this tight budget can also place a lot of stress, pressure, and worry on other members of the family as well.
  • Monotonous: Working long hours can often become monotonous – especially when there’s little reward at the end of the day.

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