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Give These Popular Money Managing Ideas a Try

When it comes to managing your money, everyone has an opinion on how to do it correctly. There are so many money tips out there that it’s hard to tell which ones will work. That is the thing with finances; there is no one-trick-fits-all method. Your money management could look different than others. But, if you have no idea where to even begin, these five tips could be worth your time; or at least start you on the right path.

Start Managing Money With These Tips

Come Up With A Financial Calendar

Here’s a useful tip: set up a financial calendar. Just like you’d plan a birthday or anniversary, be sure to keep track of all your essential payments throughout the year. That would include payment due dates for your credit cards, loans, taxes, rent, and so on. With all of your costs laid out clearly, you’ll never forget to set aside the cash you need to pay them before they’re due.

You can use any kind of calendar for this. Use a wall calendar, one on your desk, or even your phone’s built-in calendar app.

Start Paying With Cash

As human beings, we love nothing more than convenience. Unfortunately, convenience when it comes to how we pay for things costs us more money. When we pay with cards or mobile apps, we tend to spend more than we initially intended on doing. So, try to do it the old-fashioned way by going all-cash! When you pay for everything in cash and coins, you’ll think twice before buying something you don’t need.

It may not be easy at first but think back to your parents or grandparents and everyone else before them. If they could survive by just using cash all the time, then so can you!

Give Up Your Credit Cards

Now, as extreme as this sounds, hear me out. Even if you have cash in your wallet, it is still very difficult not to automatically reach for your credit cards to pay. The convenience of just swiping a plastic card is a strong temptation. So if you still don’t have the willpower to pay for everything with cash, get rid of your credit cards. I don’t necessarily mean destroy them – that would be asking a lot. But you could take them out of your wallet so you aren’t tempted to use them.

These cards offer us loads of convenience, but they also lead to overspending and massive debt. Unfortunately, they’re also what’s known as ‘revolving credit’, which means that you can use them to borrow money even while you’re trying to pay them off. That’s why so many people struggle to pay off their credit cards.

When you cut them up and stop using them completely, you’ll avoid borrowing more money while you pay off whatever you owe.

Get A Vision Board For Your Finances

We all have financial goals that we think about from time to time. Still, we must visualize our goals with pictures and other things to keep us motivated. Just as you would set up a vision board for your New Year’s resolutions, set one up for your finances. Put pictures of places you’d like to travel to or that dream car that you want to own one day!

Borrow wisely

At one point or another, we’ll always need to borrow money to pay for things. Still, we should at least do it in such a wise way by choosing the right kind of financial products to suit our needs.


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Learning how to properly manage your money takes time. It is a lot of trial and error to find the right method for you. But if you really give it a try and keep these tips in mind, you could be on your way to managing your money correctly.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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