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Who Is Eligible For Bad Credit Loans?

If you have bad credit, you might wonder whether you can get a loan from Delaware Title Loans, Inc. Being stuck with poor credit reduces your financing options when taking out a loan, especially if you’re applying for a loan at a traditional financial institution.

Thankfully, you can still get bad credit loans at Delaware Title Loans, Inc. If you have a lien-free vehicle title, a car, and a government ID, you can apply for a bad credit loan! Keep reading to learn more about title loans for bad credit.

Who Can Get Bad Credit Title Loans?

1. People With A Vehicle

Title loans are an excellent option for people with bad credit because you offer collateral to the lender. This increases the chances of you being able to borrow money because they have some evidence that you will repay it.

Title loans are secured loans that you can get with your lien-free vehicle title. Your car itself can be used to borrow up to $15,000 in emergency cash. Many vehicles can be used for this loan, but if you need clarification on whether yours is eligible, contact us, and we'll let you know.

You will need an agent to inspect your vehicle and assess its condition. This process is quick and can take as little as 30 minutes.

2. People With A Vehicle Title

As well as having the vehicle, you must have a title available if you apply for bad credit loans. This must be in your name and have no existing liens (other loans) against it. It will be checked by the agent when you apply for a loan. You can't get a title loan if there's another lien on the title.

You must bring the vehicle title to the vehicle inspection and show it to the agent. Please note that it should be registered in your name; you can't take out a loan on a vehicle registered in somebody else's name.

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You can apply for a loan once you have the title in your name. If the vehicle is registered to somebody else, but you want to use it for a loan, you must head to the DMV and get the registration document changed before you start the application process. This can be done relatively quickly.

3. People With Identification

If you're going to apply for title loans for bad credit, you must have some valid, state-issued identification available. This needs to have a photograph on it, and it must be in date. You can use a passport or a driver's license if you have one available. You can only get a title loan if you have a valid ID, so make sure you know this before proceeding.

4. People With Poor Or No Credit

Many people applying for title loans have a lackluster credit history. If you have never borrowed much money, your credit rating will stop you from lending easily when you want to.

Additionally, your credit rating will likely be very low if you've borrowed money and failed to pay it back. However, you can still get a title loan. We offer title loans to people with all kinds of credit histories.

There's no guarantee that you will be approved, and we undertake a credit check, but it's perfectly possible to get bad credit loans when using a car or another vehicle as your collateral.

How Do You Get Bad Credit Loans?

If you're ready to go ahead and apply for bad credit loans, it's straightforward. First, check you have everything listed above so you know that you are eligible for this kind of loan. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in a simple online form with your car's details and some of your basic information, including a valid phone number.
  2. Wait for one of our company representatives to call you. They will discuss the loan process with you, and you can ask any questions.
  3. Set up a meeting. You can decide on a location that suits you or come into a store if you prefer.
  4. Attend the meeting with your vehicle and documents. One of our agents will inspect both and let you know how much money you can borrow.
  5. Sign the paperwork, and wait to get the money you were approved for. You can receive your emergency money on that day or the following business day.

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Apply For An Auto Title Loan Today!

Delaware Title Loans, Inc. can help you with bad credit loans, so if you need help with your finances, contact us today. We offer title loans for bad credit to many different people.

Our friendly loan representatives will happily help you get everything you need together. They'll schedule an appointment to inspect the vehicle and answer your questions. It's quick and easy, so fill out our online inquiry form to begin your title loans for bad credit process started today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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