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How to Fix Your Credit on Your Own

If you are having problems with a low credit score, fixing that is a good idea, but where do you start? Today we’re going to give you a little credit-repair advice, brought to you by Delaware Title Loans, Inc. about the first steps that you should take to combat a bad credit score so that you can get the ball rolling and start polishing up your credit until it’s nice and shiny again.

Let’s talk about how to fix your credit on your own!

Ways to Fix Your Credit On Your Own

1. Obtain Your Credit Report to Get Started

The first step is to get an idea of just how bad that your credit actually is. There are 3 credit bureaus that you will need to contact to get a copy of your credit report. If you’ve never done this before, no worries, as we are here to give you all the necessary information.

You can get a free credit report once a year from the following 3 bureaus:

  • Experian
  • Transunion
  • Equifax

Contact these bureaus by phone or by going online, and once you get your report, you are ready to get started.

2. Challenge the Items That You Feel Are in Error

No doubt, learning how to fix your credit on your own is time-consuming, but, it’s totally worth of your efforts. So, the next thing you can you is to review each credit report which you have received from these bureaus. You may notice items which are in error or which you have already paid off. You can challenge these or indeed any item listed on your credit report, at which point the item will be reviewed.

If the debt cannot be justified then it will be removed from your credit report. One warning, don’t go willy-nilly challenging everything, because items will only be reviewed if the challenge is not considered frivolous. Try to stick to the 2 or 3 items which you feel should already be resolved and get the credit bureau to investigate.

3. Consider Opening a Secured Credit Card Account

The next piece of advice on how to fix your credit on your own is a tested and proven by many people. Opening a secured credit card account is a good way to build your credit back up by making credit purchases and paying them on time. These are credit accounts which are secured with a cash deposit, but when you pay your debts on time, it is noted and should become part of your credit report.

Apply for only 1 at a time, however, as multiple applications for credit is something that also gets noted on your report and you’ll want to avoid this.

4. Credit Counseling Is a Good Idea

A certified credit counselor is a good idea if you don’t know how to fix credit on your own and have zero experience in that. Most credit counselors are from non-profit organizations, so they really do want to help. A credit counselor can help you to set up a financial plan, and if you stick to it, your credit will slowly but surely improve for the better.

A list of U.S. Justice department approved credit counselling agencies can be easily found on the web.

What to Do If I Have a Financial Emergency and Don’t Have Credit?

If you need fast cash while you are rebuilding your credit, getting a title loan with Delaware Title Loans, Inc. might be a good idea if you are a Delaware resident. Delaware Title Loans, Inc. offers different types of loans in Delaware including installment loans (for smaller cash amounts) or title loans (for bigger ones).

By taking out a title loan, you can kill two birds with one shot – get the urgent cash that you need and fix your credit gradually by paying it off in time. Let’s see how it is done!

Couple approved for a title loan

The Advantages of a Title Loan from Delaware Title Loans

There are numerous advantages to obtaining title loans in Delaware with us. Here are just some of the perks at a glance:

  • Get your money the same day – The application process is expedited so that you can find out quickly if you have been approved. If you are, pick up your money the same day! The process can take as little as 30 minutes.
  • Keep using your car – Your title is used as collateral, but you will keep your vehicle while you are making your payments.
  • Bad credit or no credit is welcomed – All applicants are considered and should apply. If you need financial assistance for your emergency, simply fill out your application with Delaware Title and we’ll be able to tell you within the hour if we can help.
  • Flexible terms for repayment – Flexible terms may be available in some cases. Speak with your Loan representative if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll see what we can do. Remember, it never hurts to ask!

Getting Your Title Loan is Quick and Easy

We know that you wouldn’t be seeking assistance if this wasn’t an emergency. Title loans are a great way to help you get through difficult emergencies, such as unforeseen medical expenses, home repairs, or unexpected travel that is required. As such, we’ve streamlined our process to be quick and easy. Here’s what you do to apply:

  • Visit our Home Page and fill out your loan application.
  • A Loan representative will contact you and request you to bring in the following: State-issued ID or driver’s license, your vehicle, and your lien-free title.
  • Once you arrive at our location your Loan representative will discuss your loan in further detail and inspect your vehicle along with the documentation which you’ve brought us.
  • If your loan has been approved, then you get your cash the same day!

There is No Time Better Than Now to Start Fixing Your Credit

Now that you know how to fix your credit on your own, we suggest you get started by getting those copies of your credit report and challenging the items that are incorrect. Get some credit counseling, open a secured credit card account, and if you run into trouble, be sure to contact us.

At Delaware Titles Loans, Inc. we’ve got you covered!

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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