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Improve Your Credit: Here’s the Best Secrets to Build Credit Fast

A lot of things can cause bad credit: not paying bills on time, not having enough credit history, and how you use your credit card.

But there are also a lot of ways to improve your credit. A low or bad credit score doesn’t have to stick with you for life. Here are just a few of the ways that you can build credit fast.

Follow These Easy Steps To Build Credit Fast

Stay on Top of Your Credit Score 

Before you make attempts to improve your credit score and build credit fast, you need to take a good look at your financial standing. Your bank likely offers a look at your credit report for free, but you can also get in touch with credit report agencies to get a copy.

Once you get your report, be sure to verify that everything in it is correct, including your credit balances, account balances due, and your personal information. 

Commit to Paying off Debt Quickly

One of the best ways to build credit fast is to quickly pay off credit card debt. That may be a tall order; the average person in America has over $90,000 in debt. But even paying off small amounts at first can raise your credit score. The longer debt lingers, the lower your credit score will remain. 

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Pay Bills Responsibly 

If you need to build credit, one the biggest factors is your bill payment history, which determines about 35% of your credit score. The best thing you can do is to either pay your bills before they are due or on their due date.

Keep track through automatic payments, where you can set the payment date for most of your bills. And if you happen to slip and make a late payment, don’t fret immediately.

Credit bureaus are informed about delinquent bill payments starting 30 days after their due date. If you miss a payment date, just take care of it quickly.

Try a Secured Credit Card

Credit cards are major sources of debt, but they can also help those looking to build credit fast.

Geared toward those looking to build credit, a secured credit card can be used in the same way as a traditional credit card, but it often has a lower credit limit determined by a cash deposit you’ll need to make.

For example, you have a $500 credit limit if you put down $500. If you don’t pay your secured credit card bill on time, your deposit is taken by the card provider. 

Or Become an Authorized User

Another way those with little credit card history can build credit is by becoming an authorized user on another credit card account, such as one used by a spouse, friend, or family member.

By joining an account that has a good history of payments and a high credit limit, you can reap the benefits on your own credit reports. You don’t even need to use the card yourself to see your credit score go higher.

Get Rewarded for Paying Utilities and Rent on Time

Not every type of credit score considers how you pay rent on time, but many reporting services can add your rent payment history to reports. Creditors will like seeing any type of pattern of regular on-time payments.

Another option is looking for a credit score service that boosts your score by including regular payments of your phone bill or streaming TV bill. All you need to do is link such a service, like Experian Boost, to your bank account.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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