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Essential Advice For Paying For A Funeral In Delaware

It’s not something anyone wants to think about but planning for a funeral and its related costs is vital.

The average cost of a funeral may surprise you. The average American funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000, and that includes everything from the viewing and burial to the casket and transportation.

Delaware funeral costs usually fall on the low end of the estimate. The average Delaware funeral runs about $6,600 but depending on the type of funeral, there’s a range of $3,400 to $11.040.

That makes a funeral a rather hefty expense, but an expense that’s in the “need” column rather than the “want”. But there are some methods of paying for a funeral that helps ease the financial burden.


You don’t have to wait until right before a funeral to figure out how much it will cost. Numerous funeral homes in Delaware offer a way to prepay for everything in what’s typically called a “pre-need funeral.

A prepaid plan is a way for you to get the current guaranteed funeral prices as opposed to a potentially larger overall cost down the road. Something to also keep in mind: With a funeral plan, up to $6,000 is discounted if Medicaid is used later to cover most costs.

Consider A Payable-On-Death Option

Funerals are an extremely stressful time for friends and family of the deceased. A payable-on-death account, or POD, will outline your funeral wishes and set aside cash. It names a family beneficiary who can start using the funds right away instead of waiting for probate.

POD accounts can be set up at banks and you can add more money to the account than what’s required for your funeral, giving your family a further financial cushion.

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FEMA Assistance

As part of the relief response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a program that reimburses those eligible for up to $9,000 in funeral costs.

The eligibility window reflects deaths related to COVID after January 2020 and is commonly awarded to low-income families.

Charities And Nonprofits

Many other organizations on the state and federal levels may be able to help cover funeral expenses which could go a long way to help if the deceased does not have insurance. 

Religious groups, such as Catholic Charities USA, are a good place to start. Churches frequently help congregation members pay for burials. Some religious organization benevolence funds must also be available to members of the community as well.

Funeral services are an industry, so consumer advocacy organizations like the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society only focus on how group members can save money when covering a funeral.

A consumer advocate will typically meet with families and help them compare funeral costs. Families in the society can also get discounts on cremations and traditional funerals, up to $600 and $1,800 respectively.

Social Security, Medicaid, And Medicare

If the deceased was receiving benefits from Social Security, there may be a death benefit, a one-time payout of up to $255.

While Medicaid and Medicare don’t directly help with funeral costs, the federal programs offer a way to set aside money for a funeral within a medical savings account.

MSAs are offered by private insurance companies, and you may be able to save up to $3,000 for yourself and a spouse.

Veteran Benefits

Members of the military who have been honorably discharged and their spouses automatically qualify for burial in over 150 cemeteries across the county in 42 states.

There is also a benefit for those who died during active duty or when they were hospitalized in a veterans’ facility, like a hospital or rehabilitation center.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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