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Countdown Of 6 New Year's Eve Traditions For Financial Prosperity

The best time for traditions and superstitions about the future is on New Year's Eve. The anticipation and hope for the coming year and the fortune it could bring are so intense we could touch them.

Our traditions come to us from different regions of this country and other nations of the world. There are food, work, and money superstitions we use to draw real-life prosperity to us. Most of these are symbolic in some way, attracting or repelling what we want. Here are six you can try for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

1. Try To Work Or Do Something Work-Related On New Year's Eve

The idea is that if you work on that day or New Year's Day, you will draw work to you for the next year and make yourself very fortunate and wealthy.

If you don't have a job and want to bring some work into the new year, try taking a class to update or learn skills in the field you're interested in. Or you could clean up your resume. The point here is to do some kind of job-related work. You could send in a late-night application!

2. Don't Clean On New Year's Eve Or Day

Cleaning on either New Year’s Eve or Day is thought that you might sweep, wash, or throw away your good fortune before the new year even gets started. Some hardcore believers might not even do the dishes. Time to haul out the paper plates!

However, some do believe the opposite. They believe that your life will be more prosperous if you start the year with a clean house or apartment. Depending on your opinion, you may spend New Year's Eve vacuuming, mopping, and dusting.

3. Don’t Loan Out Money Or Expensive Items At This Time

Be wary of lending out money or your items this New Year. You just may be setting yourself up to be giving these items out all year long. That isn’t good! If you don't want your precious things and cash flowing out your front door in the days to come, don't lend them on the 31st.

4. Check Which Direction The Wind Is Blowing

While this may sound crazy, many believe the wind direction can predict prosperity. They say if the winds come from the South, the new year will be prosperous, indeed. If the wind is out of the North, it'll be a bad year for weather, which we don't need this year of all years! Let's hope for calm winds because they mean peace and prosperity for all.

5. Have A Menu That Represents Good Fortune

Having the food you plan on consuming on New Year’s Eve can represent good fortune. This is especially seen in the South. First, there are the black-eyed peas, which stand for copper pennies and good luck. The next thing on the menu is greens, which can be collards, kale, or spinach, and they symbolize dollar bills or money in general.

Finally, Southerners eat ham or pork, which means fat pocketbook and good health. If you still aren’t convinced, just give it a try! What do you have to lose? You may even find it actually may work for you, too!

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We could all use a fresh start this coming new year – especially with how crazy this past year turned out to be. If you are looking for good fortune and prosperity for your new year, try any one of these traditions on New Year’s Eve.

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