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How To Get A Car Title In Delaware

Your car’s title is one of the most important documents to have. It proves that the vehicle in your possession is actually yours in the eyes of the law. Without a car title, you can’t actually prove that the vehicle belongs to you.

Needless to say, it’s important to get a car title if you don’t have one already or yours has been stolen. Read on to learn how to get a car title in Delaware or what to do if you need to get yours replaced.

Why Is A Car Title Important?

Before we dive into the ‘how’, it’s important that you understand why car titles are a necessity. Simply put, the car title proves ownership. It includes information about the vehicle itself, its seller, and its owner.

If you register, sell, or take a loan out on the vehicle, you will need a title that is in your legal name. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the vehicle as you see fit. With that out of the way, now we can learn about how to get a car title in Delaware.

Ways To Get A Car Title In DE

Getting a car title when you first purchase your vehicle should be easy, but the process will vary based on where you’re buying the vehicle and how you are paying for it.

Buying From A Dealer, Agency, or Some Other Organization

If you’re buying a brand new vehicle, the dealer, agency, or seller will forward the paperwork to your local DMV in order to get you the title for your new vehicle. There’s very little you need to do during the process.

Buying From An Individual

If you are purchasing a vehicle from an individual, the process is slightly different. For example, let’s say that the seller has already driven the car themselves and so you are purchasing a used car. In this case, the current seller will sign the title over to you, proving that you are now the owner.

Buying The Car With A Loan

The car title process will be slightly different if you don’t pay for the car outright. Let’s say that you get a loan to pay for the vehicle and are still paying the loan back. A lien will be put against the title, and the lienholder will hold the car’s title until you pay it back entirely.

You will have to request a duplicate title in the meantime and submit a request for the title itself once the lien is removed.

how to get a car title

How To Get A Replacement Title In Delaware

Sometimes, you may need to apply for a car title replacement or duplicate. This happens if you misplace your title or if it gets stolen outright. Getting a title replacement is different from getting a car title since you already have the vehicle but not the title itself.

To get a car title replacement, fill out the form MV 213 at your local Delaware DMV. You will also need a minimum of $50, but you might need an additional $55 if you are applying for a lien release specifically. Talk to your local Delaware DMV to find out specifically what you will need in order to fill out this form.

How To Get A Car Title Transferred To My Name

If you need to get a car title transferred to your name, go to your DMV and fill out the odometer declaration. The seller must sign, date, and time the form as well. Talk to your local Delaware DMV for further information about getting the title transferred into your name.

How To Use A Car Title For Money

Your vehicle’s title can be used for more than just proving vehicle ownership. It can actually help you out when you are in a pickle and need emergency money quickly. You can apply for a title loan using your vehicle’s car title through Delaware Title Loans, Inc.

To qualify, the title needs to be lien-free and in your name. If you are approved for a car title loan, you will still be able to drive your vehicle as normal, but a lien will be put against the title. As soon as you pay back the loan, the lien will be removed, and the title will belong to you again.

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Apply For A Car Title Loan Today

If you don’t have a car title, it’s important to know how to get a car title in Delaware. Follow the steps above to get the appropriate documentation to prove the vehicle belongs to you.

Once you have a lien-free title in your name, you can use your car title to get a car title loan. To apply, head over to our home page and fill out the inquiry form. As soon as you click submit, a nearby representative will give you a call to walk you through the rest of the application process.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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