you don't have to make a lot of money to be happy

You Don’t Have to Make a Lot of Money to Be Happy. Here’s Why

It might seem like the more money you make, the happier you get. While there’s a kernel of truth in this statement – it’s not necessarily true. In reality, it’s not about how much money you make, but how you manage your money. There are plenty of stories about people winning lotteries and going bankrupt in a matter of years – just because they didn’t know how to handle the cash.

Lifestyle Creep Is Real

Spending money is the easiest thing on the earth. Unless you dig into the root of your money problems and take steps to fix them, you’ll just keep making the same mistakes no matter how much you increase your income.

To be happy with money, you don’t need disposable income – you need security and financial stability. And building financial stability isn’t about the amount of cash, it’s about handling cash the right way.

Start budgeting, prioritize saving (and investing for future retirement), limit free spending cash, and find ways to cut down on unnecessary spending – and finding free or cheaper alternatives to what you consider necessary.

After you do that, you’ll find money happiness was closer than you thought.

Taking on Debt

Knowing when to take on debt is crucial to being financially secure. It doesn’t matter how much you make – if you constantly go overboard with credit cards or buy the property that takes thousands of dollars out of your paycheck on a monthly basis, you’ll still find yourself pressured.

Driving a luxury car or living in a large house with a really nice view is great, but your priority should be how functional your possession is, and how well it does the job, not how cool you’ll look in the eyes of others. Besides, you can find a good compromise between functionality, money, and aesthetics, if you lower your expectations a little and dig for options for longer.

Sure, you might not be getting your dream car – but if the car looks nice, is dependable, and you can pay it off in a couple of years without breaking a sweat, then you’ve made the right choice.

Dealing with Financial Problems

Similarly, it matters little how much you make if you aren’t managing money well. People making six figures are just as likely to be living paycheck to paycheck as those edging on poverty.

And anyone living paycheck to paycheck will find themselves in a pinch if they’re suddenly hit by an unexpected expense.

How to avoid it?

Start saving for an emergency fund. Having 6 months’ worth of your expenses saved up is thought to be enough for financial security. It’s going to cover both the typical emergencies you might encounter – like house repairs, emergency doctor visits, or car problems – and the worst-case scenarios like a job loss.

Dealing with Financial Problems WITHOUT an Emergency Fund

So, what do you do, if you’re hit by unexpected expenses, while you’ve yet to save up? While this complicates things a little, you are never without options. What matters is that you don’t panic and make a rash decision.

Sit down, consider all aspects of the problem and determine 2 things:

  1. What’s your timeline? How soon should the problem be handled?
  2. Is there a risk of the problem getting worse and/or costing you more in the future if you postpone dealing with it?

If your problem isn’t time-sensitive, then your priority should be getting the cash together without adding to your existing financial obligations. This means either readjusting your budget for the next few months to cut down on expenses and allocate funds to the problem or getting additional income by working overtime, taking on extra jobs, etc.

But if your problem is time-sensitive, then your priority should be getting the cash ASAP – even if it means taking on short-term debt.

If that’s the case, title loans could help.

Why Title Loans?

Red toy car on money road signifying title loan cash

What makes title loans an optimal solution in an emergency is that they’re accessible and fast. Anyone who’s over 18 and owns a car is potentially eligible – even if their credit is bad or nonexistent!

Delaware Title Loans, Inc. specifically, accepts all kinds of income and will accommodate potential borrowers by setting up a comfortable payoff schedule.

How to Apply for a Loan at Delaware Title Loans

Applying for an online title loan in Delaware is easy – as long as you’ve got the required items in an order, you can start the application process online.

You’ll need:

  • Your car;
  • A lien-free title to your car in your name;
  • Your government-issued ID.

Go to the Delaware Title Loans site and submit the online form. Wait for the loan representative to contact you and schedule an appointment for you.

Take the required items to the appointment so that the representative can assess everything and determine if you qualify for the loan.

If you get approved – you’ll get the cash the same day. Delaware Title Loans application process typically takes only around 30-45 minutes.

Apply for your Delaware Title Loan Today!

Dealing with emergencies without the emergency fund can definitely take your happiness away and force you to stress, but this will never happen if you know where to go for quick funding. Car title loans in Delaware can help take the stress off your shoulders and gain fast relief from urgent financial problems without any hassles. Apply today to get your finances back in line and feel happier!

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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