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Delaware Vehicle Title Mistakes To Avoid

If you don’t understand the scope of getting a car title and keeping it, you may find yourself making some missteps. Keep reading as we explore these mistakes, why you should avoid them, and what to do if you find yourself in these situations. We’ll also explain how they impact the Delaware title loan process and how important a clean and clear title is.

Errors To Look Out For With Your Delaware Vehicle Title

Crossing Out Mistakes On The Title

A Delaware vehicle title is an important document, and if you try to erase or correct mistakes on it, you automatically void the integrity of the title. This includes:

  • Correcting vehicle color
  • Covering up old signatures
  • Fixing improper odometer readings

Any title with correction tape or crossed-out information is suspect, and you won’t be able to sell your vehicle or use your Delaware vehicle title for secured auto title loans.

Taking a trip to the DMV to correct the error is your best chance of having a clean title. When you submit for a new title, you can also provide documentation for your correction and have the mistakes fixed on your new title.

Losing The Title

A common issue that people run into is losing their vehicle title. While most of us acknowledge the importance of a Delaware vehicle title, it’s easy to lose track of something you don’t need to look at often.

You may have heard complaints about the hassle of replacing a lost title, but it’s best to handle it as soon as you notice your title is missing. Registering for a new one with your local DMV is not nearly as difficult as you might think, and it’s worth the effort in case your title was stolen.

Replacing a lost title as soon as possible also ensures you have a clean title when you need it without rushing to the DMV.

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Hanging Onto A Damaged Or Duplicate Title

If you replace the title because it was lost and then find the original later, you’re more than free to trash the old one. Duplicating a title voids the original, regardless of why you replaced it, and the DMV knows the difference between the original and the duplicate.

Holding onto the original title sets you up to accidentally hand it off when trying to verify your ownership or sell the vehicle. It can set up a particularly nasty situation if you find a title you reported stolen and provide that.

The Wrong Person Signing The Title

While it doesn’t happen often, you may run into a situation where someone signs the title and then bails on the sale. Once this happens, you need to go to the DMV and register for a replacement.

Not only does this look suspicious but attempting to rectify the situation by erasing or covering up the signature takes us back to the first issue you want to avoid.

Failing To Transfer The Title Into Your Name

Transferring the title into your name is your responsibility, and there is little excuse for failing to get this done within the proper timeline. Not only is it illegal to not transfer the title into your name, but it can put you in a tricky situation down the line.

Correct this as soon as possible to get the title in your name and establish ownership. While you may face late fees, you’ll have a giant weight taken off your shoulders.

Getting A Loan With Your Delaware Vehicle Title

If you want to get an auto title loan from Delaware Title Loans, Inc., make sure you reconcile any of the aforementioned mistakes. These will dash your chances of a title loan in your emergency‌.

Once you have a clean, lien-free title you can fill out the online form and wait for a representative to call. They’ll answer any questions you may have and ask a few of their own, including whether you want to finish at the store or a more convenient location.

At this meeting, they will inspect and verify your vehicle as well as your lien-free title and your driver’s license or state-issued ID.

Once they assess the validity of the documents and the condition of your vehicle, they’ll let you know if you qualify. If so, the representative will go over the terms and conditions of your Delaware title loan. If these are acceptable, you can have cash as soon as the same or the next business day.

Start Your Delaware Title Loan Process Today

If you discover any of these issues with your Delaware vehicle title, make sure you address them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you're free to present your vehicle to Delaware Title Loans, Inc. for a title loan to cover the sudden expenses in your life.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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