improve mental health and ease financial stress

6 Easy And Fun Activities To Improve Mental Health And Ease Financial Stress

Financial stress is probably one of the biggest threats to a person’s mental health these days. Alleviating it and taking care of yourself requires active work – like doing certain activities to improve mental health, instead of succumbing to the stress.

That’s why we prepared a list of fun activities to improve mental health that you should try today. We also cover how you can use car title loans in Delaware when your financial stress is all about an emergency you’re facing.

6 Easy Activities To Improve Mental Health And Ease Financial Stress 

1. Meal-Plan And Cook Enough To Last You For The Next 3 Days

Here’s what many miss about meal planning – it doesn’t have to be a chore. Even if you don’t enjoy cooking.

Choosing easy recipes that don’t require a lot of time and are a good fit for beginner chefs is pretty easy these days. The internet is a wonderful resource.

And cooking will both let you have fun and help you save the money – so that’s two birds with one stone right there. And you can save yourself more time by taking a recipe and multiplying the ingredients 3-4 times to have enough food for several days. 

2. Mend Or Repair Something

If you’re good with your hands, try mending or repairing something – an old piece of clothes, a wonky chair, etc.

It’ll both require you to concentrate thus taking your mind off things that cause you to stress AND possibly save you from a future expense. Plus, fixing things always gives us that feel-good sensation! 

3. Go To A Picnic With A Friend

It’s summer, and thus a perfect time to spend an evening outside with someone you love.

Unfortunately, spending time with a loved one is often associated with spending money and may cause financial stress instead of alleviating it.

But you can always choose an activity – like picnicking – that doesn’t require you to spend money at all.

4. Take A Long Hot Bath 

Sounds unexpected and too simple? Well, if you’re looking for activities to improve mental health this very instance that don’t require much effort – taking a hot bath (or shower) is one of the best options you have.

Hot water is known to act as a relaxant and even the biggest worrywarts tend to forget their troubles for a little while during and after a quality hot shower. 

5. Do Some Journaling

Journaling is all the rage these days when someone starts talking about activities to improve mental health, and while it’s not fit for all, you might as well give it a try. Mostly because journaling doesn’t take a lot of effort or resources. All you need are a pen and a notebook.

The journal should concentrate both on things that you enjoy AND the things that cause you stress. The introspection it gives should be used as a tool to identify your main stressors and eliminate them in the future. You also learn to be thankful for the things you enjoy, which is proven to improve mental health.

6. Start A Money-Saving Challenge

Unsurprisingly, saving money is one of the well-known activities to improve mental health. It increases our feeling of security, alleviates financial stress, and – obviously – comes in handy when we have an unexpected expense to cover.

The trick is to make saving money fun and cut down on potential stressors. The 52-week challenge chart (that has 52 different goals for every week of the year) or just a No Spend Day challenge can turn saving money into a game, helping you concentrate on the positives.

And it will help with your emergency fund.

I Have No Emergency Fund. What Should I Do?

It can be stressful when you live without some money kept aside for emergencies. But if some sudden expense appears in your life, you still have options to deal with it. Delaware title loans can be an option to consider if you’re amidst a financial emergency and have no emergency fund to cover the expense.

However, before you start searching for “title loans in my area” right away. You should first take a close look at your situation and other options:

  • can you possibly postpone dealing with the expenses without the problem escalating? If so, you might want to explore other options first – sell some stuff, get a side-hustle, even ask for a salary advance.
  • However, if you’re working with a tight deadline and need to handle the problem as soon as possible, then searching title loans in my area might be an option warranted looking into.

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How Do I Get Title Loans In My Area? 

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When the form gets processed, a loan representative will get in touch with further instructions, and they will also schedule a meeting with you. This meeting can either be at one of our stores, or our loan representative can also travel to your location.

Make sure that you have your state-issued ID or driver’s license (to prove you’re over 18), your car, and the car’s lien-free title in your name when you’re ready for the meeting. The loan representative will inspect everything to determine if you qualify for the loan and on what terms.

If they approve you, they will help you finish the paperwork and explain all the terms for you, and you can get the loan the same day, or the next day depending on bank delays.

Get Up To $15,000 Through Our Title Loans

Finding mental health and relieving financial stress can be at its most difficult when you’re facing a time-sensitive emergency. But know that you’re never out of options.

Get a title loan in less than a day and alleviate your financial stress with the help of our quick and simple title loan! The entire process usually lasts no more than an hour, so submit your online form today to get started.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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