Thankfully Feasting: 5 Tips for Throwing a Thrifty Thanksgiving Dinner

October 19, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

If the thought of Holiday Season is already stressing your budget out, then you are probably dreading putting together a Thanksgiving meal. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is centered on thankfulness, family, and coming together, the price of such a big meal can put a real damper on holiday cheer.

But, do not fear! Stop that Google search for "title loans near me"! We have 5 helpful tips to keep your wallet and Thanksgiving table happily stocked.

Bargain Hunt

The key to any thrifty Thanksgiving dinner is not turkey hunting, it’s bargain hunting. The more you search for good finds, the better off you’ll be. Grocery stores know what items will fly off their shelves and they mark up accordingly. Don’t buy everything from one store and don’t leave it to the last minute: you’ll end up paying more.

Different stores will offer different sales on different items and if you put your feast together from a variety of stores, you’ll get the best of all the worlds. Also, keep an eye out for brand coupons that you can use in your favorite local grocery store to keep prices down.

Buy Frozen

While buying a fresh turkey might seem like a great idea, it's not always the best choice for your wallet. True, a frozen turkey might take days to thaw but if you buy it ahead of time, that shouldn’t be an issue. If you are worried about the taste being affected by a frozen turkey then try out brining your turkey to make sure it is juicy and delicious!

Buy Small

One of the staples of Thanksgiving is the joy of Thanksgiving leftovers but sometimes, after the 2nd day, you’re tired of the whole event and the leftover food! And if you have ever saved a ton of turkey thinking you’d “make some soup” or “a quick pot pie!” only to have it go in the garbage, then you have just wasted money. Why not buy less?

Sometimes, for a small get together, a turkey isn’t necessary. Instead, look at a turkey breast or perhaps even a larger chicken? Cooking just turkey breast also makes the cooking process easier!

Use this mentality with your side dishes too! Do you need mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and rolls and sweet potatoes? Perhaps one starch would be enough. Cut down on how many things you make and you’ll automatically save money.


BYOB is often a staple of most parties but you can also apply it to your Thanksgiving meal. Asking your guests to bring their own alcohol is a great idea. Alcohol is expensive and trying to please all your guests is often difficult. Rather, just focus on the food and leave the drinks to others.


If even with all of the above tips, hosting Thanksgiving is still stressing you out, perhaps take the BYOB a step further and do a potluck! Splitting responsibility of the meal will greatly help the purse strings of the host. A potluck also ensures that those who attend are invested in the meal. Everyone can be thankful to each other for bringing more things.

Well, there you have it! 5 tips to help you have all the trimmings for Thanksgiving without losing any unnecessary dough. You’ll need all that for baking and for the coming Christmas holidays.

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