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Christmas Gifts for Her This Year: 20 Amazing and Affordable Presents

The holidays are finally upon us! This means a lot of celebrations, decorations, laughter, fun, and, of course, affordable holiday gift ideas. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and social distancing currently, the new normal, gifts are even more special. Even if you are unable to meet or socialize with friends or family this year, you can send them a gift and put a smile on their face.

Not all gifts have to be heavy on your pocket either. There are actually so many affordable gifts that you can easily find. Here are 20 heartfelt holiday gifts that will not break your wallet.

Christmas Gifts for Her That are Easy and Affordable

Scented Candles

Everyone loves a relaxing, pleasant aroma in their home or bedroom. After the holidays or during them, your loved ones would definitely benefit from a candle of their favorite scent. Scented candles are universally loved and also pocket-friendly.

Photo Frame With A Memory

One of the most thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts is a photo frame with a picture in it. If you’re unable to visit relatives or friends this year, sending them a memorable photo in a cute little frame will let them know you’re thinking about them.


Who doesn’t get excited over cute stationery such as a notebook, pen, bookmark, and stamps? Not only is it very affordable; these days, you have tons of options to choose from.


Who doesn’t like a nice pair of fuzzy, warm socks? Especially on those cold nights where all you want to do is cuddle up inside the house. These are the perfect, pocket-friendly gift these holidays.


We all use a keychain and love changing it from time to time. It is a cute small gift that can have a nice memory attached. You can even get a customized keychain for a small price and send it to your friend.

A Jar Of Candy

This one is simple yet super cute. Find a clear jar, buy lots of candy to put in it, add a ribbon on top, and your gift is ready. This also makes for a home décor idea during the holidays.

A Mug

It’s winter which means it is cold outside. A new, stylish mug for steaming cups of tea or coffee is always welcome. Plus, you can get a pretty nice mug for cheap virtually anywhere! Bonus points if you can include a cocoa mix or tea mix.

A Book

For book-lover friends or family members, the best gift would be a new book. And a true book-lover will never think they have too many books.

A Bottle Of Essential Oil

Essential oils have so many benefits and uses. And there are so many sweet-smelling ones to choose from. You can gift a bottle to your loved ones and they will surely love it.

Face Sheet Masks

You can also pamper the women in your life by gifting them holiday face sheet masks. Many stores have cute holiday stock and face masks are a great, affordable option.


The next year is close now. A nice yearly planner can be a great gift to help your loved one stay organized next year.


A pretty silk pillowcase can be a great gift this season. You can also look for funky designs with cool patterns.


Another cute and inexpensive item is a coaster. They are very useful and also add to the home décor.

Phone Cover

A phone cover is a great gift for anyone, really. And they are mostly available for very low prices and great designs.

Selfie Stick

Everyone will be taking a lot of pictures during the holidays. A selfie stick is a fun and useful gift for your friends.


One of the best, cheapest holiday gifts you could give is a yummy snack box full of junk food like crisps, candy, chocolates, and guilty-pleasure food.

Hair accessories

For your girlfriends, a scrunchie, hairband, or pretty clip is a small but lovely gift that also does not break your wallet.


If you have a foodie friend, they would love a set of sauces in a variety of flavors. And they can come pretty cheap too.

A Plant

These days, you can gift the smallest pots and a seed with complete directions to grow your own plant at home. This is a creative, thoughtful, and affordable gift idea too.

Small Wallet Or Cardholder

Lastly, you can always find a nice little wallet or cardholder very easily. It also makes a useful yet quality gift that comes with low price tags.


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