7 Small Ways to Save Money and the Environment

November 8, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

Do you keep the water running while brushing your teeth? Do you keep the lights on when you are out of the room? If you take part in these things, you may be wasting both money and resources and not have even known it.

How Will You Save the Earth Today?

Many of the routines we have in our everyday life are bad for both our wallet and the environment. Even though these things seem small, they add up fast and can really cost you money. Here are 7 ways to save money while saving the environment!

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Automatic Thermostat

If you have central air/heat in your home, you know the struggle of trying to keep your home comfortable. Sometimes you turn the thermostat to be too hot or too cold.

By purchasing a programmable thermostat, you can save money on extra heat while also saving the environment from excess carbon dioxide. This device will adjust the temperature on its own, based on your daily routine and living patterns.


Many of our clothing items do not need to be washed after each use. These include items such as jeans, hoodies, and jackets. By re-wearing items a few times before washing, you will save water while also lowering your water bill.

De-lint Your Dryer

After using the dryer a few times, the filter begins to fill up with loads of little dust bunnies. Did you know that freeing your dryer of dust bunnies actually saves energy used by the dryer itself? Using less energy is a great way to save the planet while saving a few bucks as well.


Surprisingly, laptops use much less energy than desktops. If you have both devices and you're trying to save energy, you can choose to use your laptop more frequently than your desktop. If you are not using the desktop, unplug it. This will further contribute to your energy conservation efforts.

Go Virtual

As you may know, purchasing paper can be costly. By replacing paper products with email, you will save thousands of trees, and dollars as well. You can write your lists on your cell phone and save it in the notes section.

You can also send emails instead of paperback letters. If you're the type that typically uses paper to jot down notes, grocery lists, etc. this may be perfect for you.

Eco-friendly Vehicles

With the growth and expansion of technology, eco-friendly vehicles have hit the market. And these vehicles help the environment by reducing the amount of waste product that the car produces. They also help to lower the amount of money you will have to spend on gas, by giving you more gas per mile.

If you are in the process of searching for a vehicle but you're struggling to come up with the cash, you may want to look into auto title loans. This will allow you to purchase your eco-friendly vehicle and start your savings right away.

Shut the Water

Do you turn on the water before you get in the shower, then forget about it and wind up leaving it running for 10 minutes? We’ve all been there. In doing this, you waste both water and money. Try to turn the water on only when you are just about to hop in. You’ll definitely notice a difference in your water bill.

Save Green in More Ways than One

When you look at each of these ways to save, they may seem small. Try doing multiple at a time to stack your efforts. You'll notice your savings grow much more quickly and dramatically. Happy savings!