7 Affordable Gifts That Dad Will Love for a Happy Father's Day

Do you want to get your dad a great gift this Father’s Day, but you’re not sure what your budget can afford? It’s a predicament more than a few of us find ourselves in as we navigate the world of credit cards, title loans, and the rest of life’s financial challenges. Fortunately, gifts are more about thought and caring than they are cost, and so we’ve gathered together 7 of our favorite, inexpensive Father’s Day you can treat your dad to this year.

A Book

While this isn’t for every dad out there, sometimes the modern world of electronics can be overwhelming for many individuals who aren’t digital natives. There’s a great selection and huge variety of both fiction and non-fiction titles available for purchase online and at your local bookstore, and most of these books won’t set you back more than $10 to $15. If your dad is an avid reader, there is no better gift than a good book.


While being tough, rugged and manly may be how your dad presents himself, there’s a part of all of us that’s enjoys being comfortable and cozy. A nice pair of Ugg slippers is the perfect way to relax and pamper himself after a long day, and they’ll make him feel like he’s walking on a cloud of cottony comfort.

Coffee Grinder

If a hot cup of coffee is an integral part of your father’s morning routine, a quality coffee grinder could help him take his java game to the next level. Fresh ground coffee will always have a better aroma and flavor than pre-ground, and a coffee grinder gives your dad the essential tool to make his own quality brew every morning.


Gardening is a great pass time that can help your father stay active, keep moving and working with his hands. To get him started, buy a few packets of quality organic heirloom seeds this year for Father’s Day. Whether he’s a newbie to gardening or a seasoned pro, the start to any successful growing season start with good seeds.

New Cologne

This is really more a gift for your mother than your father, considering she’s the one who has to smell him on a regular basis, but a bottle of new cologne is a great Father’s Day gift. If he’s a typical male creature of habit, your father probably hasn’t updated his cologne or aftershave since the days of disco. Help him turn the page and explore a new world of modern olfactory options.

Cufflinks With His Initials

Cufflinks are an integral part of tying the elements of a suit together, and one of the few times as a man your dad gets to peacock a little. A nice way of personalizing them is having them engraved with his initials. You can order these from any number of online stores or from your local jeweler.

Smart Speaker

If your dad is a tech-head or just enjoys listening to music, then a smart speaker could be the perfect gift for him. Between the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, you’ve definitely got a good variety of options to choose from. And while the full versions of them aren’t exactly what you’d call inexpensive, the mini versions are available for a fraction of the cost. Any of them will give your dad the hands-free ability to listen to music anytime he wants.