5 Ways for a No-Spend Labor Day Weekend

August 24, 2018 | By Louis Tully

For many of us, Labor Day is a well-deserved break from the daily grind. It’s also one of the last 3-day weekends we get to enjoy before the holiday rush.

Looking for a better way to spend your Labor Day weekend? Try these 5 ‘no-spend’ vacation ideas.


Barbeques are a ‘day-from’ staple we can all get down with. If your goal is to give yourself a relaxing break this 3-day weekend while doing the same for your wallet, a backyard barbeque is a great way to accomplish this.

Call up your friends or family members and see if a throwing a backyard barbeque is in the cards for their Labor Day plans. If not, you could always offer to have the party at your place. If you can’t afford the space, you could always have it at a nearby park.

You may spend some money, but throwing a barbeque is one of the cheaper things you could do this Labor Day. Invite everyone to bring food/drinks to the party and you might not have to spend a cent!

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Stay In

Never underestimate what a relaxing staycation can do for you. If you’re not a homebody, the idea of staying in this weekend might sound unbearably boring.

But in fact, if you do it right, it can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable weekends you’ve ever had. Plus, by anchoring yourself to the couch and catching up on the latest Netflix series, you can easily avoid spending cash. It’s a win, win!

Go Outside

The sun can be harsh at times, but it never hurts to get a little dose of Vitamin D from time to time. Stepping outside and perhaps taking a walk around the neighborhood is a nice way to get some needed exercise, feel good about yourself and hey – it’s free.

Go to the park and meet up with a few friends for a cookout, find nearby botanical gardens, go hiking or maybe even try your hand at some fishing if you’ve got the itch.

The thing is, being outside is good for us and it feels good too. It’s an instant mood-booster that could last the whole weekend. So, if you’re tempted to spend money, try going for a walk instead. You won’t regret it.

Hit the Beach

Speaking of going outside, how does a trip to the beach sound? If you live near the water, you ought to be taking advantage right about now. Pack a cooler, grab a towel and head for the sandy shores! Beaches are fun, relaxing and free.

Give Back to Your Community

If you can’t find a way to spend the weekend without spending money, you could always volunteer somewhere and give back to your community.

Volunteer at your local church, animal shelter, kitchen, roadside cleanup organization, etc. It’s a great way to spend the weekend that’ll make you feel good about the money you saved, but even more so about the people you helped!

How Will You Celebrate for Less This Labor Day?

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